The Taking of Iraq - Overwiew
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Robert Fisk (Independent, May 06, 2003)
War over - try telling that to the Shias and the Badr Brigad

Amy Goodman, Interview with Robert Fisk (April 22, 2003)
An Anti-Colonial War Against The Americans May Have Already Begun

Robert Fisk (Independent, April 26, 2003)
Did the US Murder These Journalists

Robert Fisk (April 17, 2003)
Anti-Colonial War - Fisk

Robert Fisk in Baghdad (Independent, April 17, 2003)
For the people on the streets, this is not liberation but a new colonial oppression

Robert Fisk (The Independent, 13 April 2003)
A civilisation torn to pieces

Ole Rothenborg (Dagens Nyheter, April 11, 2003)
US Forces Encourage Looting

Center for Economic and Social Rights (April 6, 2003)
Water under Siege in Iraq - US Military Forces Risk Committing War Crimes

Center for Economic and Social Rights
Tearing up the Rules - The Illegality of Invading Iraq

There is no justification for a war against Iraq:
Appeal to the German government and the members of the UN Security Council

Naji Sabri (14.11.2002)
Answer to SCR 1441 - Text of Iraq's letter to the U.N.

Hans C. Graf Sponeck (25.09.02)
IRAQ - Four Questions, Four Answers
presented at the European Colloqium in Brussels

U.S. Envisions Blueprint on Iraq Including Big Invasion Next Year (New York Times 28.4.2002)
The Bush administration, in developing a potential approach for toppling President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, is concentrating its attention on a major air campaign and ground invasion, with initial estimates contemplating the use of 70,000 to 250,000 troops.

Kenneth M. Pollack
Next Stop Baghdad
, Foreign Affairs, March/April 2002

Walter Pincus and Colum Lynch
Skirmish on Iraq Inspections
(Washington Post, 15.4.2002)
Wolfowitz Had CIA Probe U.N. Diplomat in Charge

Stratfor (14.02.02)
The Iraq Problem: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Balance

The U.S. State and Defense Departments appear to be pushing differing strategies for potentially removing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from power.

George Monbiot (Guardian, 12.02.02)
America's imperial war

The liberals who backed the Afghan bombing are now lined up with rampant US militarism

Charles Krauthammer (NY Times, 1.2.02))
Redefining the War

Scott Ritter (Christ. Science Mon., 13.01.02)
Iraq: The Phantom Threat

Henry A. Kissinger (wp, 13.01.02)
Phase II and Iraq

NewsWeek, 7.01.02
Next Up - Saddam

After September 11, Washington sees Iraq?s weapons capabilities as a direct and intolerable threat to American national security.

Thomas L. Friedman (NYT, 20.12.01)
All alone - A Lonely Crusade Against Saddam

William Safire (NYT, 24.9.01)
The Ultimate Enemy

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